Visit Kirirom National Park

For the ones enjoying some jungle time and contact with nature, nothing better for a weekend getaway from Phnom Penh than Kirirom National Park. Enjoy long walks into the nature, epic views on the mountains and some quality time on a peaceful forest located not more than 100km from the busy Cambodian capital! The vKirirom Pine Resort can take of your transport and accommodation, while you sit back and enjoy your time.

Kirirom National Park

Feeling like exploring a cool pine forest?


Take the vKirirom minivan in front of City mall, nearby the Olympic Stadium (check our website for booking), and don’t forget to bring a book to read in the quiet and silent atmosphere you will find here. Besides a relaxing weekend engaging yourself in the commendable activity of doing nothing, you have as well lots of places to explore by foot or mountain bicycle, being Kirirom National Park the perfect place for trekking, visiting streams and waterfalls, bath yourself in a beautiful and empty lake (where else you will have a huge lake just to yourself?) or climbing up the hill to see amazing views of the cliffs towards the Cardamom mountains.

Kirirom National Park

Who ask a lake for some baths and plenty of opportunities to setup a hammock for some serious afternoon naps?


Bonus points if you can spot the forsaken modern villas built in the sixties, when Kirirom was a weekend getaway for the Royal family and other elite families in the country. As a nice break to your treasure hunt of old fancy villas, this national park is also a great place to cool down from the cambodian tropical weather, being some degrees cooler than most of the country and having breezy pine forests filled with great shady spots for your afternoon naps. Believe us, it’s worthy falling asleep on these shades 🙂


Kirirom National Park

Wait, a modern villa lost in the jungle?


In terms of places to sleep, vKirirom Pine Resort has many options for all. With prices ranging from 20 dollars per night for a normal tent (mattress, pillow, blanket and mosquito net provided), to options around 100 dollars per night for posh tents that looked like flashpack hotels, beautiful bungalows or the (very cool) cement pipe rooms. vKirirom also offers many activities with which you can enjoy being out in nature.

Visit Kirirom


Kirirom National Park

Spend a relax weekend in one of these bungalows and you will wish you could bring some of these birds to the city in replacement of your typical alarm clock.


If we got you curious, use CamboTicket to book your shuttle online. There is 30%  off for the weekend shuttles!

Kirirom National Park


Phnom Penh -> Kirirom National Park:

vKirirom minivan  |  $15  |  2h30 duration  |  departure at 8am or 3.40pm | Book here

Kirirom National Park -> Phnom Penh:

vKirirom minivan  |  $15  |  2h30 duration  | departure at 1pm or 6.15pm | Book here

If you are near Phnom Penh and feeling like spending some quality time in the forest or do some trekking in cool green mountains, you will definitely enjoy a weekend getaway to Kirirom National Park just a couple of hours from the capital!