What not to miss in Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge and dynamic city that goes way beyond the ‘chaotic city full of traffic and prostitution’ kind of generalisation that many travellers give to it. Being one of the largest and fast growing capitals in Asia, there is a rich mix of cultures and experiences to be explored, an intense rhythm of life and wide variety of influences to savour. This is our selection of some of the things not to miss while in Bangkok!

  1. The markets

From the picturesque floating markets in narrow river canals to the Maeklong market just outside Bangkok, where all the stalls are placed along a railway track and only when the train comes the vendors quickly dismantle everything, to mount all the stalls back after the train had passed (like nothing had happened!). Bangkok is full of interesting places to buy food and observe the local life, with infinite food markets scattered along the city with endless variety of snacks and Thai dishes, or others more focused on crafts, clothes and other random items. For the last option explore the famous Chatuchak weekend market, the biggest one in the world.


Some of the interesting characters you can find on any market…

  1. Spotting some cool street art

Walk around the city to have a look on some of the most exquisite street art you can ever find, an eclectic mix of international and local artists with a great variety of topics and styles. For instance have a glimpse of one of the most recognizable Thai artists in the present moment, Alex Face.

  1. Street food

Avoiding tourist areas such as Khao San road as the advantage of finding genuine Thai food for less than one dollar per meal, besides eating with the locals and have nice conversations in broken English that will for sure give a different depth to your trip! Do not miss treats such as som tam (green papaya salad) or one of the unique Thai curries such as gang keow wan (green curry with chicken).


What the hell is this? We don’t know, but is probably worth to try.

  1. Immerse yourself into the city’s art world

Bangkok is one of the most dynamic art capitals in Asia, filled with contemporary art galleries and interesting cultural centers. Try to grab a copy of Bangkok Art Map to navigate through the galleries of each neighborhood, and make sure not to miss the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center.

  1. Experiment different types of transportation

From the ubiquitous tuk-tuks so ingrained to the Bangkokian experience to the futuristic BTS skytrain, the city has to offer loads of different ways to move around. Don’t forget to try one of the cheap ferries on the Chao Phraya river to travel across the whole city and see some of its different sceneries through a different perspective.

  1. Enjoy the general street life and the city vibe

Walk around and immerse yourself into the intense life existing in every street or local market, every park or street food joint, the colors and the smells, a journey for all the senses. The famous Thai smile lives here.


What’s not to like in this city?

  1. Visit the temples

Of course this is a cliché, but if there’s a city that deserves to be known for its temples Bangkok is definitely one. Wat Phra Kaew (inside the Grand Palace and also know as the Emerald Buddha temple), Wat Pho (with a gigantic reclined Buddha) and Wat Benchamabophit (also known as the Marble temple) are some of the most famous, but you can also find Hindu temples, Christian old churches and other hidden pearls.

  1. Watch the sunset across the Wat Arun: this one doesn’t deserve any more words…


Worth seeing also during the night where they turn the lights on, resulting in quite a golden sight.

Bangkok is definitely a city worth spending some time to discover its charm, with welcoming locals, vibrant art scene and intense street life to explore. Probably there is no other place in the world with such a variety of experiences, from the traditional to the modern, from pure Asian to Westernised influence, from culture to entertainment… have a look on CamboTicket website for options on how to get there and enjoy your Bangkok time!